About Us

ConGlobal Industries, Inc. is North America’s largest full-service supplier to the intermodal industry, providing depot services, equipment sales and transportation services. ConGlobal provides equipment repair, maintenance, storage and redistribution services to global shipping lines and leasing companies. ConGlobal is a leading retailer of standard and modified equipment in new and used condition to consumers, corporations, and government and military institutions. Additionally, ConGlobal provides transportation services to reposition equipment and manage large or special delivery projects. The company is built on a network of 30 locations in the U.S., Mexico and Costa Rica.

ConGlobal is able to delivery these services through a family of companies that specializes in complementary areas of the intermodal industry. Click on one of our companies to learn more about them.

ConGlobal is our core company providing depot and transportation services to the intermodal industry. We operate 22 depot locations in the United States, Costa Rica and Mexico with storage capacity of 149,000 TEU.

The Container Sales division of ConGlobal specializes in the retail sale of standard and modified intermodal equipment for the private and public sectors.

RCS specializes in refrigerated container services, parts distribution, tank services, and ship spare parts management services. RCS operates out of five locations in the United States.

The DivCon division offers a product line of industrial finishes to help protect industrial equipment to extend their useful life. DivCon operates out of a state-of-the-art industrial facility in Jacksonville, FL.

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