Shipping Container Sales in Jacksonville, FL

8831 Moncrief-Dinsmore Road
Jacksonville, FL 32219
Phone: 904.751.1300

Shipping containers make ideal storage units for the following:

  • Auto parts
  • Construction equipment and supplies
  • Farm equipment and supplies
  • Household items
  • Inventory overstock and promotional items
  • Landscaping materials
  • Medical supplies
  • School and sports equipment
  • Theatrical props

Additional Service Areas

  • Aventura , FL
  • Belle Glade , FL
  • Boca Del Mar , FL
  • Boca Raton , FL
  • Boynton Beach , FL
  • Brownsville , FL
  • Coconut Creek , FL
  • Cooper City , FL
  • Coral Gables , FL
  • Coral Terrace , FL

ConGlobal offers storage and cargo container sales in Jacksonville, FL. With a large inventory, we supply the greater Flordia area with standard and modified shipping containers in new and used conditions. ConGlobal Jacksonville serves the many residential and commercial customers, such as construction and manufacturing companies, based in the area.

Additionally, ConGlobal can modify shipping containers for specific applications, such as portable offices and retail outlets.
Custom modifications can also be done at ConGlobal. Below are some samples of custom modifications that can be done at ConGlobal.