Shipping Container Sales in LaPorte, TX

1802 Hwy 146 North
LaPorte, TX 77571
Phone: 281.470.0304

Shipping containers make ideal storage units for the following:

  • Auto parts
  • Construction equipment and supplies
  • Farm equipment and supplies
  • Household items
  • Inventory overstock and promotional items
  • Landscaping materials
  • Medical supplies
  • School and sports equipment
  • Theatrical props

ConGlobal offers storage and cargo container sales in LaPorte, TX. With a large inventory, we supply the states of Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico with standard and modified shipping containers in new and used conditions. ConGlobal Houston serves the many residential and commercial customers, such as petrochemical and construction companies, based in the Southern Central region.

Readily available new and used dry box sizes are 6ft, 8ft, 10ft, 20ft, 40ft standard height, 40ft high cube and 45ft high cube. Check availability for information on 48ft and 53ft dry box high cube units.

Standard Dry Box Container Specs:

  • Sizes 10ft thru 45ft are 8ft wide x 8’6” tall or 9’6” tall high cube
  • 1 1/8” marine grade plywood flooring, 14 g steel panels
  • Empty weight ranges from 4K to 7K lbs
  • Capacities range from 15k to 69k lbs
  • All of our containers go through a QC process prior release for sale
  • See last page for modifications and options available.
  • New containers come with lock boxes.

ConGlobal offers a full line of new and reconditioned refrigerated containers.  These units were originally designed for international shipping, but are perfect for domestic land use for perishable goods or any temperature controlled products. These units have proven to be very durable and reliable for domestic use over the years, in fact, we have had them on customer’s sites for over 15 years and they are still doing their job!

  • Sizes are 20ftx8ft and 40ftx8ft. New 10ftx8ft’s available for sale only.
  • The refrigeration machines are all electric 460v 3Phase or 230v 3Ph.
  • Temperature control settings from -10 F to 80 F (-20F on new units)
  • Stainless steel interior or food grade aluminum interior
  • Extruded aluminum floor with T profile, suitable for forklift traffic
  • Stainless steel or aluminum exterior construction
  • Double cargo doors in rear
  • Used units have the refrigeration machine thoroughly test and are completely refurbished.
  • Economical options for used boxes with new machines available.
  • We also sell new and used replacement reefer machines.
Additionally, ConGlobal can modify shipping containers for specific applications, such as portable offices and retail outlets.
Custom modifications can also be done at ConGlobal. Below are some samples of custom modifications that can be done at ConGlobal.