ConGlobal Awarded CCM Contract at TraPac Facility in Jacksonville

ConGlobal Industries, Inc. was awarded the Consolidated Chassis Management (CCM) contract to supply all ILA labor for out-of-service maintenance and repair operations at TraPac, a privately operated terminal facility in Jacksonville, FL. The contract encompasses approximately 2,000 chassis managed by CCM, the largest chassis pool provider in North America, and includes tires and all mechanical repairs. The chassis are to be inspected to FMCSA criteria and repaired to IICL criteria.

The contract will commence on August 1st and requires a significant capital investment from ConGlobal. To fulfill the initial requirements of the contract, ConGlobal will deploy ten fully outfitted mobile service units (MSU’s), a yard truck, forklift, and a full complement of the necessary tools and parts to successfully execute the inspection and repair functions expected of ConGlobal by CCM and mutual clients.

Mark Pulver, the Southeast Regional Manager for ConGlobal, will be overseeing the day to day management of the TraPac maintenance operations for ConGlobal.

 “CCM has a long standing business relationship with ConGlobal Industries”, said Jim Reo, Director of Maintenance and Repair at CCM. “ConGlobal was awarded this contract not only because of their competitive bid submission, but because of their long standing commitment to safety and quality.”  

“ConGlobal is honored by the confidence that CCM has put in us by awarding us this contract.  We are 100% committed to the chassis maintenance and repair service business, and look forward to working closely with CCM and TraPac,” said Mike Baldwin, President and CEO of ConGlobal Industries. “We are confident that ConGlobal will be able to meet the service requirements and provide exceptional service to CCM, TraPac, and our mutual customers.”

About ConGlobal Industries, Inc.

ConGlobal Industries, Inc., headquartered in San Ramon, California, is North America’s largest full-service supplier to the intermodal industry, providing depot and CY services, equipment sales and transportation services. ConGlobal provides equipment repair, maintenance, storage and redistribution services to global shipping and leasing companies. ConGlobal is also a leading retailer of standard and modified equipment in new and used condition to consumers, corporations, and government and military institutions. Additionally, ConGlobal provides transportation services to reposition equipment and manage large or special delivery projects. The company is built on a network of 30 locations in the U.S., Mexico and Costa Rica.

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About Consolidated Chassis Management

Consolidated Chassis Management (CCM) was formed in 2005 addressing industry needs to develop a more efficient model for operating chassis. CCM currently has over 132,000 chassis under management domiciled in six geographic regions or pools covering the Midwest (MWCP), Chicago (COCP), Southeast (SACP), Gulf (GCCP), Mid-South (MCCP) and the Rocky Mountains (DCCP).   The pools are based on a cooperative model developed by OCEMA and operate on a cost-pass-through “non-profit” basis.  Consolidated Chassis Management has evolved into the largest “gray” chassis pool operator and is recognized for being the industry leader in the maintenance and logistics of intermodal chassis. 

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About TraPac

Founded in 1987 by parent company Mitsui O.S.K. Lines Ltd, TraPac, Inc. is a leading container terminal operator and stevedore. We offer high-quality port terminal service to the West Coast of the continental United States from Oakland, CA; Los Angeles, CA; and Jacksonville, FL.