Depot Services


The core business of ConGlobal Industries is to provide depot services to global steamship lines and leasing companies. Depot services include the repair, maintenance, storage and redistribution of intermodal equipment. In addition to standard depot services, ConGlobal provides value added services to customers that complement our standard service options. ConGlobal operates 20 depots in the U.S., Mexico and Costa Rica serving customers around the world. We provide solutions that help our customers operate smarter and plan better.


Storage and Handling – We provide secure storage facilities at major port areas. Some of our locations are bonded facilities with the ability to receive, secure, and hold arriving in-bond ocean containers.

Maintenance and Repair – We perform timely maintenance and repair services according to the highest industry standards. All our mechanics and technicians go through periodic training on the industry’s latest repair standards.

EDI and Handheld Service – ConGlobal has made tremendous investments in our information technology systems to manage, track, and communicate with our customers on their equipment. Our robust EDI capabilities enable us to seamlessly communicate critical information with our customers. We also offer paperless handheld devices to provide real-time repair estimates.

Mobile Repair – Our mobile repair trucks go to the ports and rail ramps to do repairs to get equipment back into service, increasing equipment utilization.

The ConGlobal Advantage

Network of Locations – We have the largest network in North America providing customers with strategic locations near major port areas.

Reliability – Our depot services provide a level of reliability that customers depend on to help them better forecast their equipment utilization.

Experience – We put our 40 years of experience into helping our customers find the most cost effective and operationally efficient solution to their intermodal service needs.

Real-Time Data – With our EDI capabilities and handheld status updates, customers can receive real-time data to make quick business decisions.

Repair Parts Inventory – We carry over $3.5 million worth of repair parts inventory in North America for critical repairs and to minimize out-of-stock situations.