Handheld Services

ConGlobal Industries is redefining the way the industry manages depot maintenance and repairs. We have taken our depot service and enhanced it by offering a Handheld Service to provide our customers with real-time data to make quick business decisions. The depot industry has evolved beyond just repairing and storing equipment for customers. ConGlobal provides our customers with the ability to operate smarter by providing critical data.
ConGlobal invested in developing the Handheld Service and adding it to our depot services for global steamship lines and leasing companies. The Handheld Service streamlines the maintenance and repair process by providing real-time visibility that allows customers the ability to make critical equipment decision with confidence.

Depot Management System

The Handheld Service leverages a Depot Management System (DMS) that uses web based technology with robust, built-in maintenance and repair intelligence. Customers can access their estimates via a secure web portal for viewing and approvals.

The DMS is fully EDI compatible with the ability to standardize coding prior to transmitting the estimates to increase data accuracy. Parts used in repairs are managed at the part level and not at the category level to provide customers the ability to have better inventory management and estimates with part level detail.

Repair estimates have associated pictures to help customers decide on which equipment to repair. Pictures are stored at the line level to eliminate the uncertainty of linking the right picture to the right repair action and estimate.

Motorola MC65

ConGlobal uses the Motorola MC65 as the wireless device for the Handheld Services. The MC65 is a proven industrial device that is both rugged and powerful. The MC65 has the capability to access multiple applications to process estimates and repairs in a timely manner.

The MC65 uses standard wireless CDMA or GSM technology and can be interchangeable to provide users the best network connection, minimizing downtime and increasing productivity. The device allows data to be uploaded to the DMS site in real-time, eliminating manual entering and processing of repair estimates.

The ConGlobal Advantage

• Increase Equipment Utilization – Real-time repair estimates increase turn time and equipment utilization, allowing equipment to be earning revenue instead of being out-of-service.

• Parts Usage and Inventory Management – Knowing exactly what parts were used in a repair allows customers greater control over inventory management and parts pricing for better inventory forecasting.

• Reduce Administrative Costs – A streamlined process eliminates extra steps and handling in the maintenance and repair process, saving administrative costs and allowing customers to focus on their core business.