Refrigeration Services

ConGlobal Industries, Inc. is a leader in providing maintenance and repair services to the refrigerated sector. Refrigerated equipment carries high-value, temperature sensitive product all around the world. ConGlobal helps you minimize the risk of breakdowns while your equipment is in transit by properly inspecting the equipment loaded with your customer’s cargo before it is released for shipment.

It’s in the Numbers

ConGlobal is one of the world’s largest refrigerated equipment maintenance and repair companies. Just look at our numbers.

  • 16 refrigerated locations in the U.S., Costa Rica and Mexico
  • 18 refrigerated supervisors and foremen
  • 59 dedicated technicians
  • 28,288 refrigerated repairs
  • 45,042 Pre-Trip inspections
  • 75,520 refrigerated container inbounds
  • 2.9 million dollars in available spare parts inventory
  • 3.6 million dollars in refrigerated parts sales

Dedicated Resource

ConGlobal understands the sensitive nature of refrigerated equipment and has invested in dedicated resources to support our refrigerated customers.

  • Certified Technicians and Foremen – ConGlobal has a staff of technicians and foremen dedicated to work on refrigerated equipment. Our technicians receive continual training all year round by ConGlobal or manufacturer instructors on the latest refrigerated technology, so we can properly maintain, service and troubleshoot your equipment.
  • Dedicated Shop Space – Each ConGlobal depot has a separate area for refrigerated services with independent bays and power plugs for loaded and empty containers. A dedicated space avoids congestion during high-traffic times and ensures timely service.
  • IT Systems Support – Refrigerated Services have dedicated IT systems resources for capturing and reporting activities, providing you with quick performance and management reports.
  • Mobile Refrigerated Services – ConGlobal understands that sometimes we have to go to where the equipment is located. With our mobile refrigerated service, maintenance can be done at the convenience of your location.
  • Refrigerated Parts Inventory – We carry a large parts inventory on hand enabling us to meet urgent needs for both ConGlobal repairs and for resale to other repair facilities.

Generator Sets

Maintaining the proper temperature while in rail or truck transport is another important component of the cold supply chain. Portable generator sets provide the needed power during this portion of the intermodal move. ConGlobal provides maintenance and repair for both clip-on and underslung gensets by experienced diesel and electric mechanics. We also provide fueling services to our customers as a value-added service.

Value-Added Services

In addition to our core refrigerated services, ConGlobal provides a menu of value-added services for our customers. We provide off-loading from refrigerated containers, mounting on chassis, and installing and fueling of gensets.


Refrigerated Expertise – ConGlobal Industries does work on all four refrigerated manufacturers, providing customers with a breath and depth of expertise.

Contaminated Refrigeration Training – All ConGlobal refrigeration technicians are properly trained to identify at-risk refrigerated units and to extraction gas samples for field and lab testing.

Inventory Supplier – ConGlobal carries a large inventory of parts for all refrigerated equipment types and manufacturers.

Manufacturer Dealership

In addition to purchasing parts for in-house repairs, ConGlobal is a dealership for all four major refrigerated manufacturers.