Contaminated Reefers

At the onset of the investigation into the possible contamination of R134a containers, ConGlobal Industries has been proactively and aggressively involved with an international community of experts, both in the on-going investigation as well as the development of test methods to effectively screen R134a refrigerated container for contamination.

ConGlobal Industries, has developed internal protocols designed to:

  • Safeguard our company personnel
  • Safeguard our customers assets
  • Stop the proliferation of contaminated R134a in our industry

We have extensively trained our internal staff to perform these tests in a manner that we believe to be safe for our personnel as well as environmentally responsible.  In the interest of safety, we have also collaborated with, and shared our techniques, methods and policies with repair depots, and industry experts across Asia and Europe.   Many have adopted the same, or similar protocol in their reefer service procedures.

You can find more information on the work that ConGlobal is doing to help manage this issue and get our customers’ refrigerated equipment safely back in service.

This R134a Refrigeration Technician Handbook was developed as instructional guidelines for refrigeration personnel of ConGlobal and its related companies. We have made this information public solely as a source of information to others who are interested in the servicing of refrigerated containers. We are making this document available as information only and are NOT PROMOTING OR SUGGESTING anyone outside of ConGlobal and its related companies adopt any of the measures contained in this document. Any personnel servicing refrigerated containers should do their own investigation and implement safety policies suited to their specific situation and conditions.

This handbook is intended to be an evolving document and will change as new information is discovered and made available to the industry.  Comments and suggestions for improving the effectiveness of the information and procedures contained herein are welcomed and encouraged.  Comments and suggestions should be directed to Priscilla Yata at

ConGlobal reserves the right to amend, modify and retract any or all parts of this writing as new information may dictate.

R134a Refrigeration Technician Handbook

ConGlobal hosted a seminar on contaminated refrigerated R134a gas in Chicago. The seminar provided the most up-to-date information regarding this critical issue and live demonstrations on field testing techiques to identify at-risk gas supplies and containers. Below are the presentations that were given at the seminar.

1.0 Contaminated Refrigerated Gas Key Issues Review
2.0 DuPont Brand Assurance Anti-Counterfeit Initiative
3.0 Refrigerated Gas Cylinder Testing
4.0 Refrigerated Gas Extraction for Field and Lab Testing


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